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Agent Not Needed ICO rating
Agent Not Needed ICO rating


Agent Not Needed is a property platform built for individuals not agents. Buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords can communicate directly online, arrange viewings and make offers easily, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Version 1.0 of our property platform is now live.

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About Agent Not needed
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Fastest growing Telegram group

Our official Telegram group grew to 10,000 members in less than 24 hours, making us the fastest growing Telegram group to date! Our group now has over 17,000 members! Join the discussion

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Power back to the individual

The UK property industry is monopolised by agents including popular property portals that do not allow you to list property with them unless you’re an estate agent. Agent Not Needed are giving power back to the individual giving them the choice to sell or rent their own property in a cheaper, more secure and less stressful way.

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Real world use case

The current property industry system is outdated and full of problems. Our property platform is a real solution, reducing stress, speeding up the process, making it more cost-effective and more secure.

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UK HM land registry 'digital street'

The UK HM land registry is moving to blockchain under the project name 'digital street' to be implemented by 2022. Our platform will work with the new system to revolutionise the property industry.

Our Mission

Our grand vision is to build our property platform on blockchain and use smart contracts to complete the legal work, providing individuals with a way to transact property themselves directly with buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords. This will save time, money and with the use of blockchain, make the process more secure. The property industry is outdated, but our Agent Not Needed property platform will revolutionise the property industry and use software to provide a more efficient solution.



The average UK agent charges 1%-3% to sell your property. Rates in some parts of the world are up to 10%. Some agents charge an upfront fee but then have no incentive to sell your property as they’ve already been paid.


Estate agents looking to take a higher commission will usually backtrack on an agreed offer from a buyer to accept a new higher offer that has been made. This is never good for the buyer as it leads to their deal falling through.

Pay for viewings

When listing with an estate agent, you pay for the estate agent to carry out viewings of your property, though in most cases sellers end up conducting their own viewings as agents are too busy.

Poor communication

Often, agents are slow to relay messages between buyers and sellers. These delays and poor communication in general make the process slow and stressful for all parties involved.

Process tracking

Due to multiple third parties being involved in the transaction process and communication from each being quite often poor, buyers and sellers are usually unaware of the status of the transaction.

3 month transaction

The average time for a property transaction to be completed in the UK is 3 months, though it is known to take a considerable amount longer with some taking over 9 months to fully complete.

Errors & risks

Due to human error, it’s more often than desirable that land registry forms and legal checks are not carried out correctly. This can lead to buyers not fully owning their property or dealing with legal issues that should have been foreseen.

Deals fall through

In the UK, 1/3 agreed sales fall through which can lead to other deals falling through due to the property chain. Many sellers are also buyers so when a deal falls through it can leave sellers with a house sale but no new property to move in to.


Reduced cost

By removing the estate agents from the process, sellers save the commission fees they would have paid. Often, sellers are doing the work of agents anyway. We also charge a fixed listing fee only if the property successfully sells.

No gazumping

When a buyer makes an offer on our platform and the seller accepts, the deal is secured and passed to a third party legal team to complete. The deal is secured so the seller cannot pull out of the deal and no other person can make an offer.


Sellers and landlords can conduct their own viewings and save paying agents who don’t do it anyway. Also as sellers and landlords know their property better than an agent, they can provide a lot more information.

Direct communication

Buyers and sellers, tenants and landlords can communicate directly online making the process much quicker and save having to wait for messages from agents and having to constantly chase agents up.

Process tracking

We provide a process tracker so all parties know exactly where in the process they are. This reduces the stress of the process and saves having to chase multiple parties up for an update.

Reduced transaction time

With agents and eventually solicitors and conveyors removed from the process, it could mean property deals can complete in days as opposed to months.

Reduced errors & risks

By using tech and software, the risk of human error is removed. The UK HM Land registry is moving to blockchain which our platform will work with to provide the most streamlined service to date.

Reduce deal failure

When a deal is agreed, the property deeds and the money from the buyer will be locked in an escrow account. This means that neither buyer or seller can pull out of a deal which eliminates the chance of it falling through.

Token Sale

Token Sale Details

Sale Date 1st March - 31st March
Payments Accepted ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, BNB, Bank Transfer, Debit Card
Softcap NONE*
Price per ANN £0.025
Main Sale Hardcap 400,000,000 ANN tokens
Potential To Raise £10,000,000

* As we have already raised the funds to build version 1.0 of our platform, any further funds raised will contribute towards building the blockchain version of our platform and our marketing campaigns.

Token Allocation

Token Allocationof 450 million tokens
  • 400M - Main Sale
  • 30M - PreSale
  • 20M - Bounty
Fund Allocationof £10.25M
  • 15% - Sales
  • 10% - Advisors
  • 20% - Product Dev
  • 30% - Marketing
  • 20% - Team
  • 5% - Admin

Bounty Campaign

We have a bounty programme where you can earn additional ANN tokens for re-tweeting, sharing posts, writing articles about us, creating video reviews and more! See our full bounty programme page to learn how you can earn more ANN tokens!

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Anthony Pentland - Co-Founder & CEO

Anthony Pentland

Co-Founder & CEO

Ecommerce expert with over 16 years experience. Ran the biggest Facebook ad campaign in the UK (2015) and has over 7 years social media marketing experience.

Petros Georgiou - Co-Founder & CCO

Petros Georgiou

Co-Founder & CCO

Digital content creator specialising in viral videos. Created the BIGscene Tv Online Entertainment Network and produced audio & video for games, tv and radio.

Jun Hao

Jun Hao

Community Manager at Huobi Exchange

Jun Hao, also know as “Crypto JH” in the crypto community, is a skilled crypto market analyst based in Singapore. Holds a vast network within the Singaporean finance industry.

Cheryse Longstaff

Cheryse Longstaff

Customer Relationship Manager

Co-founder of and previously helped scaleup Krystellie Fashion which had a turnover of over £2M in sales.

Sam Markham - UX/UI Designer

Sam Markham

UX/UI Designer

Multi-talented designer specializing in User experience design. Former designer for Sky and RELX Group.

Jessica Harker - Community Admin

Jessica Harker

Community Admin

Previous ambassador for the Princes Trust and experienced in PR and community engagement campaigns.


Nick Ayton - Agent Not Needed Advisor

Nick Ayton

Founder & CEO Chainstarter.

Andrew Grill - Agent Not Needed Advisor

Andrew Grill

TEDx & Global Keynote Speaker

Susan Mishoe - Agent Not Needed Advisor

Susan Mishoe

Founder of
Team Elev8ed Living

David Dixon - Agent Not Needed Advisor

David Dixon

Investment Manager at
Digital City

Chris Bayes - Agent Not Needed Advisor

Chris Bayes

Director at
Feel Good Factor UK Ltd

Chris Jones - Agent Not Needed Advisor

Chris Jones

CEO at Hive Property Group, Cyber Security Advisor

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